Welcome to

Marketing Camp!

Finally, an event where you

do something other than just listen

November 22-23

Chicago, IL

Marketing Camp

is perfect for

small business owners,

non-profits, speakers,

coaches, and brand new


Most businesses FAIL


Let's tell

the truth...

We started with a good idea, we got

excited, we started working on the

marketing and the product launch and

then somewhere along the line we got

lost, we got distracted, and we ended up

with another incomplete marketing plan.

On Day 1 you will complete your

customized marketing map

Make it easy for your teammates to follow

Identify the resources necessary to complete your marketing plan

Ensure you don't get distracted along the way

Create a visual roadmap that keeps everyone focused and organized

Let's tell

the truth...

Having a plan & Executing The Plan

are different Things Entirely

Day 2 is all about execution

Create Your
Marketing Collateral

(Graphics & Advertising)

Create Your

(Email & Text Message Follow-Up)

Set-Up Your



Marketing Camp is PERFECT not just for you, but your entire team as we help you work together collaboratively to build marketing systems to power your business for the next 10 years

At Marketing Camp we train on everything from chat bot creation, social media and marketing automation, CRM management and set-up, online billing platforms and systems, squeeze page and landing page designing and set-up, FB Ads, YouTube Ads, video marketing and much, much more

What's Required?

This is a highly focused co-creation environment

  • A laptop or tablet device
  • Tennis shoes and comfortable clothing (a lot of walking and standing involved)
  • There will be a recommended list of online software
  • Completion of Marketing Camp pre-work
  • Schedule meeting with Marketing Camp Enrollment Committee
  • Missed appointments is an automatic 6-month disqualification from all related programs
  • Smile, because we're here to help you, while also holding you accountable to the greatness within you!

WHY Marketing Camp!

Because if we tell ourselves the truth, in this moment we don't have the success we seek because we have been winging it, duct-taping our systems together, confused, didn't want to ask for help, made some questionable choices, but overall we just didn't get it done

We ONLY take

30 NEW applicants every year

We take the serious

We take the

We take people who are not playing around when it comes to becoming the ultimate entrepreneur